The Faces Behind Comtuck


Keith & Brian Jurgens

As avid skiers and snowmobilers, their attraction to the Deerfield Valley began with family vacations dating back to the late 1980’s, and continues to thrive today. Their family played a major role in expanding the DVSJ’s from narrow bump and jump trails that were not yet signed to remodeling snow cats. As well as widening trails and building bridges to the magnitude of today’s trail system. Their long careers maintaining and managing golf courses and restaurant/catering facilities on Long Island, NY and construction of homes in Wilmington, VT has proven their expertise in management and construction.

Comtuck LLC was created in July of 2016 specifically for purchasing the East Tract Land in Southern Vermont to feature exclusive, resort-style dream homes on.


Wilmington, Vermont

from winter slopes to summer trails

The Deerfield Valley is in the stunning southern portion of the Green Mountain range. Its landscape changes drastically throughout the year both in color and activity. It’s best known for the winter months and is filled with several notable ski resorts. The area has become a popular getaway for surrounding locations, so we have chosen a secluded section near the acclaimed Hermitage Club for an exclusive vacation experience. These grounds keep you just off the beaten path, offering privacy from the regular crowd while maintaining a centralized location to the trails and accommodations the Hermitage has become known for.

With so many winter activities within reach, everyone in your group can find an activity they enjoy. Action seekers can try their hand at downhill or cross country skiing, snowboarding, or snowmobiling on trails from here to Canada. Gentler options like ice skating, sleigh riding, or museums can be found nearby. For the connoisseur, gourmet dining and wine tasting, luxury spas and retail destinations are easily within reach. From the premier location to the surrounding amenities, here your family and friends can enjoy everything there is to love about New England in their own ways.

Once the warmer months arrive you are quickly surrounded by green foliage; the fresh air and blue skies constantly calling you outdoors. The mountainside plays host to hiking, biking, and off-road excursions through endless miles of un-tapped nature. Set out for an adventure in your own backyard. If you prefer something more structured, the Hermitage Golf Course offers world-class golfing alongside the pros. An olympic-sized swimming pool or the surrounding body of water allow you to swim, paddle board, or water ski close to home.

As the summer days cool down, Vermont’s world famous leaves begin to change and you can feel a crispness in the air. This is the perfect time to camp outside with friends and family. Long evenings barbecuing and staying warm by the bonfire create the perfect escape from a long work week. The beauty of having a second home in this area is you can enjoy its many benefits throughout the year. Everything you’ll need for a relaxing getaway, Winter to Summer, can be found just outside your door.

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